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Animation now!
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Animation now!

Авторы: Aida Queiroz, Cesar Coelho, Lea Zagury, Marcos Magalhaes

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Издательство: Taschen (2007 г.)

Суперобложка, 352 стр.

ISBN: 978-3-8228-3789-4

Вес: 300 гр.

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Краткое описание

Animation now!

Movement is created from still images. Once the movement has been recorded on film, video, bytes or by means of some other process or system yet to be invented, the animator is no longer much interested in the images. The animator's objective and passion are to alter, extend or even destroy the images in order to achieve one fundamental objective, which is movement, action.
This book, which was compiled by the four animators mho direct Anima Mundi - The International Animation Film Festival of Brazil - uses the reverse process, and in its pages it immobilizes the images that make up some of the most beautiful movements created in the world. This is done with just cause: the paintings, drawings, photos, collages, puppets, in short, all of these works of art, deserve to be contemplated longer than just the fractions of seconds that they are flashed on the movie screen.
This reissue of "Animation Now!", first published in 2004, forms a part of the comemoration to the 25th anniversary of the Taschen publisher. This work offers a panorama of current animation, and it attempts to be as complete as possible. The most diverse techniques have been considered, from simple graffiti on paper and sand on glass to the generation of computer images and hybrid languages that are endlessly being developed. It includes the sophisticated work derived from the plastic arts and the swift lines of impact communication. There is a place for narrative elements and experimental fragments, for the concrete and the abstract, and for paying homage to the past and to the seeds of the future.
Despite their efforts, it was impossible to include all the artists, studios and animation schools that deserve to appear in an anthology. Animation has experienced a burst of popularity around the world. Thousands of artists emerge each year and thousands of films inundate festivals like Anima Mundi, in search of their place in cinemas, television, Internet and in the minds and senses of an enthusiastic public. The series of images that appears in these pages does not intend to be a catalogue of the names of active animators, but rather a display of the diversity and excellence that this art achieved in the millennium that just ended.

This book is dedicated to the reader who, if they do not already share this passion, mill certainly be fascinated by this universe, inhere nothing is impossible and all forms of expression and movement are welcomed and appreciated.

Издание содержит текст на английском, французском и немецком языках.

Формат: 17,5 см х 22,5 см.

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