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Cambridge English for Schools. Tests Two
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Cambridge English for Schools. Tests Two

Авторы: Джордж Бетелл, Патрисия Эспайнелл

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Краткое описание

Cambridge English for Schools. Tests Two.

Cambridge English for Schools is a new approach to English, designed especially for young students.

The course features:
- a communicative, task-based approach;
- content and concepts which reflect students' own lives, interests and studies;
- an approach which is effective with mixed-ability classes;
- a clearly-structured, active approach to grammar;
- regular revision and evaluation;
- integrated project work, including the 'Parcel of English' scheme;
- learner choice, decision-making and autonomy.

Tests 2 is a book of photocopiable tests whichprovides thorough testing for all Themes throughwritten progress tests and also listening and speaking sections. In addition,every Theme contains a quiz in order to test knowledge of the contentof the course. A full Answer Key plus Tapescripts are also included.This book is accompanied by a single cassette.

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